Holidays are the Best Time to Start House Sitting

georgia house sit kitty edit
Lots of folks are interested in house sitting, but many don’t know how to get started. One of the barriers to getting selected by home owners is lack experience and references. If you dont have either, how do you get past that? Here is a strategy to help. During the holidays, there are often more people looking for help, than there are sitters available. This reduces the competition and leads home owners to consider those who may not have experience but have a flexible schedule. Additionally, sitting near where you live can be a great way to start. You can be more available for nearby sits, allowing you to accept offers with limited advance warning. In addition to local sitting opportunities, consider those that are within driving distance. Flying during the holidays can be a nightmare, but driving allows you to make your own schedule, even on the spur of the moment.

We started our house sitting career during the Thanksgiving holidays. A lovely family with a large, new home in the suburbs of Atlanta needed the their three sweet kitties taken care of for a week while they went to visit family six hundres miles away. They were also interested in their house being occupied during the holiday, as this is a notorious time for home burglary. They even graciously allowed our college-age son to stay with us, so that we could share some family time. We had such a pleasant stay and being animal lovers, caring for their cats only enhanced our time together.

So, if you love the idea of exotic house sitting in far flung places, give this strategy a try first. It is a lower risk option for you to get started and learn more about the process. And a chance to earn an excellent reference to launch you into more adventurous opportunites.

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