Cruisers Have Something Special to Offer

In the world of house sitting there are some unique opportunities, to say the least. Some are remote and off-grid. Kind of like living on a cruising boat. So, if you have knowledge and experience with solar, propane, battery banks, and rainwater catchment, you are unique as well. Owners of these properties often need care for their homes or small resorts in the off-season. But they can’t offer this to just anyone. We were chosen to house sit on a private island in the South Pacific because we had these skills. And, if you think about it, cruisers have other valuable qualities. Trouble shooting and perhaps repairing anything that may break in an owners absence is very helpful. Also, cruisers are experienced in living with other cultures. Something far different from what a typical tourist experiences.
If you are self-reliant and interested in remote, off-grid possibilities, let me know. You can comment here, or even better, comment on my Facebook page “Housesit Boatsit”. I often hear of these sits and look for qualified folks. (Photo credit: Peter Bellingham, drone picture of Treasure Island Resort, Vava’u, Tonga)

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